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No matter what kind of legal situation you're facing, you'll want an attorney who will stand by your side. Walsh Law, LLC in Mobile, AL will guide you through your legal matter and help you understand where you stand.

We offer free consultations for criminal defense and personal injury matters, but divorce consultations are $200. Email us now to schedule a free consultation with Tom Walsh, an experienced criminal law attorney.

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Legal situations can be intense and confusing. Whether you find yourself injured in an accident or going through a divorce, you'll want an attorney to help you navigate the process. You can reach out to us when you need a:

Divorce attorney
Family law attorney
Criminal defense attorney
Personal injury attorney
Estate attorney

We also provide estate planning services. We can help you outline your wishes for your estate, so you won't have to worry about your family. Call 251-433-8383 today if you need legal representation.

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As you work through the legal process, you'll work closely with your attorney. Whether you're working with a criminal law attorney or a family law attorney, you're bound to have to deal with intense emotions and high stakes. When emotions run high, you'll want an attorney who will:


Ensure your confidentiality


Prepare you for court if needed


Take the time to understand your situation

Tom Walsh is an experienced attorney who has been serving clients for over 20 years, so choosing us is easy. We'll stay focused on your needs and pursue the best outcome possible for your situation. Reach out to us now if you have any questions for a personal injury attorney.